An interview with Recheal Ugochi Opara, aka Richygold

Rachael Ugochi Opara, aka Richy Gold
Rachael Ugochi Opara aka Richy Gold

Recheal ugochi opara also known as Richygold is a talented gospel singer and songwriter, that has blessed souls with her spirit filled songs over the years.
In an exclusive interview with Nigeria’s number one entertainment news blog, Claridan TV, Miss Gold talked about her journey in the music industry, and how she has been able to soar through to the level she is now.

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See interview below:

An interview with Recheal Ugochi Opara a.k.a Richygold


Q1. When were you born?

Ans: I was born on the 23rd of September, 1991

Q2. Where are you from?

Ans: Am from Ikeduru Local Government Area, Imo State.

Q3. How long have you been doing music?

Ans: Since I was little but not professionally. Professionally, I have been doing music, for about 5years now.

Q4. What kind of music do you do?

Ans: Am a gospel minister, I love western kind of worship songs.

Q5. How did you find yourself doing music?

Ans: My dad is a music lover, back then while growing up, I remember following my dad to rehearsals, before later joined the teenage choir in the East, and I started taking the lead vocal at that time.

Q6. As a gospel artiste, what are some of the challenges you face?

Ans: The first challenge is that people sometimes see you as if you don’t really know what u are doing. Maybe because you are upcoming, your songs are just few, or because you haven’t ministered in some big events or church before.
See, it’s really hard to get someone to sponsor your production or band. I think they feel a lot of people are there already doing gospel songs.
Thanks, you see people criticizing your songs like you need to add this and that, your voice is too low and all that. Trying to get people to love your work is really hard, unlike secular artists.

Recheal Ugochi Opara, aka Richygold
Recheal Ugochi Opara aka Richygold

Q7. How do you manage these challenges?

Ans: The same way I manage my business challenges, I believe God is in charge of all things, so when ever I see any challenge I put God first, and I overcome it without adding much stress.

Q8. What is your stage name?

Ans: Richygold

Q9. Why this name?

Ans: It’s a cut-out from my name, Recheal Ugo. My friends normally call me Richy Richy, so when I needed a stage name, my boss said to me “Richy you can just add gold to ur name”, I did and it worked.

Q10. What is your greatest achievement so far as a musician?

Ans: I used to be a shy person, but being on stage and ministering in church has given me that boldness. Secondly music has given me the opportunity to meet with some persons I think I can never meet one on one, on a normal grand.

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Q11. What are your aspirations?

Ans: I aspire to reach out to the world through the gift God gave to me, I also aspire to win more souls to Christ, to put smile on the faces of people through my songs.

Q12. What are your inspirations?

Ans: I get inspired mostly whenever I read the word of God, when I see some event happening around me, when I listen to music I get inspired too.

Recheal Ugochi Opara, aka Richygold
Recheal Ugochi Opara aka Richygold

Q13. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Ans: I wish to see myself at the top, and I believe It must surely come to pass. With God on my side I will be at the top.

Q14. Tell us about your recent project?

Ans: I had a dream and it came to reality, trust me I sang this very song in my dream, and I captured it and put it down on my record, I believe its actually a message from God, that’s why I tried my best to make it a reality.

Q15. What is the name of the song?

Ans: The Wind

Q16. If you were giving N10million today, what would you do?

Ans: Trust me I will push my dreams and affect the life of the needy.

Q17. What advise do you have for other musicians in your niche?

Ans: My advice is this, keep pushing, never let depression come in, people will always talk, just believe in your self and your dreams will come through.

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