An interview with Anointing Rapz: Being you makes you be-you-tiful

An Interview with Anointing Rapz @ Claridan TV
Anointing Rapz

Anointing Nwachinemere popularly known as Anointing Rapz is the first fruit of the Nwachinemere family, and a student of the prestigious University of Ibadan.
He started Music at the age of five (5) with the help of his dad. According to Anointing, he’s been a Churchboy from birth.
Anointing started music professionally when he was in SS3, which he did with the help of one of his teachers who spotted his talent.

Want to know more about Anointing? Read below.

Anointing Nwachinemere @ Claridan TV
Anointing Nwachinemere


An interview with Anointing Rapz

Q1. How long have you been doing music professionally?

Ans: Three years and a couple of months.

Q2. Why did you choose music?

Ans: I didn’t choose music, it was a mutual thing, music chose me and I did too. I chose music in the sense that it’s a medium through which I air my opinion, and music chose me too. Looking at my story critically, you’ll see that there was a time I left it but one way or the other, I found myself amidst musically inclined people. And what if I told you that the person who discovered my talent is a member of Deeper life? and she’s been there all the time even till now. it’s funny right?

Q3. Who/what inspires you?

Ans: Sometimes life issues does, sometimes boredom does, most times listening to the WORD does. I listen to & trail Sarkodie a lot and I can say he’s one of those who inspired my next project ‘Forever” which drops on the 1st of April. Looking at Sarkodie’s life and his family, I’ve learnt a lot of things which I really hope to put to practice soon. He’s an inspiration both online and offline.

Q4. How many collaborations have you done?

Ans: Well, I can’t say this particular number but I know I got one with A.S.O, Iremide Churchboy, Phemzylee,Lekanrap amidst others that I can’t remember right now.

Anointing Nwachinemere @ Claridan TV
Anointing Rapz

Q5. what’s your favorite part about music?

Ans: I think live stage performance is my favorite, nothing gives me more joy than holding the mic, facing the crowd, playing around while passing my message across and also getting the crowd involved in whatever I do.

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Q6. What are your aspirations?

Ans: Well, before I talk about my dream, I’ll love to say something. Yeah I do Gospel rap but most importantly I do good music…it’s not about calling Jesus all the time on a song as a matter of fact, calling Jesus on a song doesn’t mean it’s Gospel. So to my dreams, I’m looking forward to days when Gospel artistes will be topping charts in Nigeria and beyond, I look forward to a day when the church will stop been it’s own problem.

Q7. Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?

Ans: Yeah the most recent one was before I mounted the stage at Falz U.I comeback. Trust me it wasn’t easy. I got calls like Anointing will you be doing your Gospel rap thing on Falz stage at ICC? Blah blah blah. I was even more nervous when i was told that I’ll be opening the show so I went upstage to have a talk with the DJ when I saw the crowd. I was like WOW. The funniest part was that I was the only Gospel artist mounting that stage. A lot of questions ran through my mind, a lot of what if’s, but then to the Glory of God, I had a superb time upstage and that day is one that a lot of people who were around can’t forget easily.

Q8. What are the challenges you face in the industry?

Ans: A lot, actually from the acceptance of Gospel Rap, to the monetary aspect and also how to get your contents out there and all.

Q9. If you weren’t doing music, what would you be doing?

Ans: I’d have been a footballer trust me.

Anointing Rapz @ Claridan TV
Anointing Rapz

Q10. As at now who is your favorite artist and why?

Ans: I listen to a whole lot of artistes, such as: El Noel, Oba reengy, Oluwatomi, limoblaze, Dabo Williams, NF, Lecrae e.t.c. and mehn they inspire me a lot.
But then I tell people I’m a Sark addict too I love the messages sarkodie pass in his songs and the way he goes about passing his messages, It’s unique.

Q11. What is your unique selling point?

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Ans: Street Gospel, and my ability to speak Yoruba (even as an Igbo boy), mixed with Pidgin coupled with the fact that my live sessions are always very interactive and the way I pass my messages is one that cuts across everyone too.

What is your greatest achievement so far as a musician?

Ans: Well, I think being able to gain street credibility and acceptance. As in people listen to my style of Gospel is a very big achievement. Yes, I’ve bagged a lot of awards and nominations for example I’ve worn THE GRACEVILLE AWARD twice, my song WIDTH made it to their top 10 too, I’ve won the NIGERIA CAMPUS AWARDS, gotten nominations for WEST AFRICAN AWARDS too, amidst a lot of others even with the fact that I do Gospel Rap.
Music has brought me a lot of opportunities, for example, I’m presently a student ambassador in U.I for TECNO and F&K SAVINGS amidst some others.

Q13. What are your goals?

Ans: I just wanna do good music and show to all that in Christ there is freedom.

Q14. What is your best song?

Ans: Wonderful Wonder by Nathaniel Bassey

Q15. Where were you born? Where did you grow up?
Ans: I was born and bred in the brown roof city of Ibadan
Anointing Rapz @ Claridan TV
Anointing Rapz


Q16. If you were given #10million today, what would you do?
Ans: The first thing I’ll do is remove my tithe and then the remaining will be used to set up my home studio, get equipments that I can use to shoot my videos, Execute my business plans( which costs less than 500k), invest in my Dads business, give to charity and lastly help train youths in any capacity I can.
Q17. What advise do you have for other upcoming musicians out there?
Ans: BE YOU because being you makes you and what you do. BE-YOU-TIFUL (Beautiful).
That’ll be all.
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