An interview with Deanobie

Daniel Ezeh Deanobie @ Claridan TV
Daniel Ezeh also known as Deanobie is a young and talented Nigerian artiste, who started doing music at the age of five (5).
Deanobie is in his final year of high school presently, but you can clearly see a bright future from the sound of his music.
Here’s an interview with Deanobie
Daniel Ezeh Deanobie @ Claridan TV


An interview with Daniel Ezeh (Deanobie):
1. Where are you from?
Ans: I’m from Imo State
2. Where were you born?
Ans: I was born and raised in Lagos
3. Why music?
Ans: Music is the one thing that gave me a channel and an avenue to be heard at a very young age. It is also my escape and it gives me so much joy and fulfilment. Plus It’s also a medium I enjoy using to communicate and express myself.
4. Who/what inspires you?
Ans: So many artist such as Drake, Justin Bieber, Burna Boy, Nasty C, Jon Bellion, and Lukas Graham inspire me. They’re all very talented and skilled in their unique ways.
5. How many singles have you done?
Ans: I’ve done just two originals amongst about 5 covers and put them out for free consumption on Audiomack and Soundcloud.
6. What’s your favorite part about music?
Ans: The process of creating and performing to the audience.
7. What are your aspirations?
Ans: In terms of the music, I aspire to be the greatest in my time by representing the art and Africa as a whole.
8. Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?
Ans: Well during the early stages I did, but not so often recently.
9. What are the challenges you face in the industry?
Ans: The struggle to break out of the deadlock of (upcoming).
Daniel Ezeh @ Claridan TV
Daniel Ezeh A.K.A Deanobie
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10. If you weren’t doing music, what would you be doing?
Ans: Probably music.
11. As at now who is your favorite artist and why?
Ans: My favourite has got to be Drake because of the level of dominance and skill in his craft.
12. What is your unique selling point?
Ans: My ability to fuse so may different genres of music into one sweet pot of soup.
13. What kind of music do you do?
Ans: I do almost all types of music, including hiphop/rap/afrobeats/afropop/RnB and so much more.
14. How did you come up with your stage name Deanobie?
Ans: A combination of a character (Dean) from my favourite Series (supernatural) and my middle name Obichukwu.
15. How has music helped your life?
Ans: It’s helped in forcing me to become more responsible in terms of time management especially.
16. Are you in a relationship?
Ans: No, I’m not.
17. What is your greatest achievement so far as a musician?
Ans: Just being able to create and share my sound with the world gives me so much joy and fulfilment.
18. What are your goals?
Ans: Way too much to even start listing, they scare me as well tho. I’ll let time tell the story.
19. What is your best song?
Ans: I honestly don’t have one right now, too many good songs to choose from.
Deanobie @ Claridan TV
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20. What advise do you have for other upcoming musicians out there?
Ans: Devote more time to improving your craft and really focus on what is important to you.
21. If you were given #10million today, what would you do?
Ans: I would first off pay my tithe and invest it into different places most especially my music career.
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