An interview with Ariguzor Ramsey, Meet amazing 20year old Photographer

Ariguzor Ramsey @ Claridan TV
Ariguzor Ramsey

Ramsey Ariguzor is a 20years old Photographer who has carved out a niche in photography for himself. He is also the CEO of BIGBEE PHOTOGRAPHY, he lives in Lagos Nigeria and he’s a student of the University of Lagos.

An interview with Ariguzor Ramsey – CEO, Bigbee Photography

Q1. Tell us about your Early life?
Ans: Well I’d say growing up for me was neutral, I grew up as an average kid in lagos, nothing less nothing more. I was the slow learner child, my friends were above me in class, sports and all.
I was very picky with people I moved with, I didnt like too much company and I was basically the shy type.
I always wanted to be a chef someday (LOL), some dreams. I wasn’t the sport type, and I argued alot. I guess it was caused by me reading alot of newspapers a home.
Q2. Tell us about your Educational background?
Ans: Well I went to good schools, I attended quite a number of schools while growing up. I attended a catholic school, I also attended an international school based in Nigeria, and i graduated high school from a military school “COMMAND SECONDARY SCHOOL IPAJA”.
Presently I am chasing a Bachelor’s degree in Building.


Ariguzor Ramsey @ Claridan TV
Bigbee photography


Q3. How did you go into Photography?
Ans: I started photography in 2018 using a gionee p8w phone to take nature pictures and everything that looked nice, until i  used that phone to take a friend’s matriculation photograph, and i got paid for it.
This drove me to continue this newly found passion. So months later, I was supposed to embark on a trip to dubai with my parents but I stayed back and told them to use the money for my ticket to get me any camera, so they got me a CANON 4000D. Though it’s a small camera for beginners, but I still use it till now and I believe in growth.
Bigbee Photography @ Claridan TV
Bigbee Photography
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Q4. What are your hobbies?
Ans: I am pretty sure photography wasn’t my hobby, I was more interested in acting and cooking, but I love playing basketball.
Q5. What is your niche in Photography?
Ans: I will call myself a conceptual photographer, but as well i do other kinds of photography as well, I believe conceptual cover all other kinds of photography.
Q6. Who and what inspires you?
Ans: Everything i see around me. I am a very cautious person, I look around alot. Music also inspires me, and then Lexonant Photography.
Bigbee Photography @ Claridan TV
Bigbee Photography


Q7. Biggest achievement so far as a Photographer?
Ans: To be honest i cant say i have gotten to any point yet. For the business, it is sweet because being paid for what you love doing is the best, but theres a lot of competition in the game i tell you.
Q8. What are the challenges you face in the industry and how do you overcome them?
Ans: Financial challenges, and also how to balance my whole life with photography. That is education and social life. Well it’s just a matter of time I’ll overcome these challenges, I try hard to balance this. As for the financial aspect, I’ve got good friends I can rely on that loves what i do.
Q9. What would you do if you were given #10million?
Ans: Get a good camera
Bigbee photography @ Claridan TV
Bigbee photography
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Q10. If you could change something about you, what would it be?
Ans: Fear of strangers
Q11. Where do you see yourself 10years from now?
Ans: I see myself as an icon
Q12. Are you in a relationship?
Ans: Yeah
Q13. What’s your best shoot so far?
Ans: Every shoot is a best shoot
Q14. What do you have to say to the world?
Ans: What ever your challenge is, know that it’ss just the darkness in the tunnel. The light is still straight up ahead and the darkness is the qualification that you will see the light.
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