Warri’s Got Talent; Meet Multi-talented Model Jane Etaoghene Tialobi

Jane Etaoghene Tialobi @ Claridan TV
Jane Etaoghene Tialobi

Jane Etaoghene Tialobi is a 300level English and Literary Student of the Delta State University Abraka.
Jane is not just a model but a beautiful singer, a spoken words artist, a guitarist and a photographer.
So much talent for a 22years old girl.

Jane Etaoghene Tialobi @ Claridan TV
Jane Etaoghene Tialobi

Below is an interview with a model from Warri, who wants to change the Nigerian modeling industry for good.

An interview with Jane Etaoghene Tialobi

Q1. When did you become a model and why?

Ans: I’ve been a model all my life, since I was little I’ve always loved modelling, I always watched them on TV(Americans next top model held by Tyra Banks). I always fancied them when I saw them walking on the runway, when I saw them in billboards and all advertising platforms.

Jane Etaoghene Tialobi @ Claridan TV
Jane Etaoghene Tialobi

Modelling in a way started for me when I became the queen of my secondary school back in 2010.
After that I began following virtually all modelling agencies on Instagram. Although I got scammed in 2014 by a so called modelling agency, I found a genuine training agency in 2015 and it’s been good.

I became a model because that’s one of the ways I find me. Some people think it’s because I’m slim and tall and dark and pretty(that’s an added advantage by the way) but I finally decided to delve into modelling fully because I find peace there, I get joy and money.
And it’s really amazing to do something you love and get money out of it as well.

Q2. Who was your role model as a child an how did that help in being a model?
Ans: I read about Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, Agbani Darengo, they made me realize that you could be skinny and still be beautiful. They gave me courage and they boosted my determination that one day I could actually be a top model like them and that’s the mindset I’ve had with me since then. Although I’ve gotten more knowledge on modelling but their stories and lives could be said to be the foundation on which I built my modelling career.
Jane Etaoghene Tialobi @ Claridan TV
Jane Etaoghene Tialobi
Q3. What is your parents say on you been a model?
Ans: My dad hasn’t really been a fan of modelling cause of how modelling has turned out to be over the years but he still supports me regardless. My mom on the other hand has been a huge encouragement, she always tells me not to go to the extreme, she says step by step I’d get to the top.
Q4. What/who  inspires you?
Ans: I inspire myself. I’m one of my biggest motivation.
Other top models inspire me, and the rate at which the modelling industry has gone down the drain, the bad image it has sent to people, the wrong ideologies it has created in the mind of people is what inspires me do better, to be better, to get to the top so I’d be able to change things.
Jane Etaoghene Tialobi @ Claridan TV
Jane Etaoghene Tialobi
Q5. What’s your greatest achievement so far as a model?
Ans: That should be walking for the biggest fashion show in the Niger Delta region, which is the Niger Delta Fashion and design week.
Q6. What are the challenges you face in the modeling industry?
Ans: Being rejected when you go for auditions(that’s really painful, to travel from warri to Lagos for an audition only to get rejected).
To be looked down on by some photographers because you refuse to sleep with them or snap complete nude pictures. One of them told me I’d always remain a warri model because I refused to sleep with him.
Another challenge is the modeling agencies, most of them give models a hard time. For fashion shows, they’d rather book more foreign models to walk for the show when they have lots of Nigerian models that’ll travel far and wide for auditions.
Jane Etaoghene Tialobi @ Claridan TV
Jane Etaoghene Tialobi
Q7. What are your aspirations?
Ans: My aspirations would be to own the biggest modeling agency in Africa, to be the model from Warri who changed the wrong ways of the Nigerian modeling industry…
To be a top model, well known all over.
Q8. How did you feel when you did your first ever fashion show or photo shoot?
Ans: I felt great, scared though, cause I wore heels(6inches) thought I’d fall. I felt proud of myself, finally was doing what I saw people do on TV, I was actually living my dreams.
It was amazinggggggg.
Jane Tialobi @ Claridan TV
Jane Tialobi
Q9. How would you make this world a better place?
Ans: I believe doing God’s will for my life is one of the ways he’d through me make the world a better place. Asides my music ministry, I’d use modelling as another platform through God’s help.
God’s will for my life is simple…To have all men saved (1tim 2:4). Breaking it down, it’s to use the gifts and talents he has given me to eventually have people saved.
Q10. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Ans: Married (although I’m currently single,y’all should apply).
I’d be a known model to have walked for top designers in Milan, London, Paris fashion shows.
I see myself being a great photographer..
A presenter in a media house.
To sum it up, I see myself wherever God takes me, so as he leads I follow.
Q11. What’s your statistics?
Ans: 32,26,33…I’m 5’10½ almost 5’11
Bust 32
Waist 26
Hips 33
Jane Etaoghene Tialobi
Jane Tialobi
Q12. How do you manage to keep your figure?
Ans: Honestly, I eat alot. But my mom’s family genetics is more of slim and tall people, she’s a mother of three and she’s so slim and fit. I guess that’s where I got my figure from, so I don’t really try to keep it because I know I’d always be like this. But regardless,I know one way to keep fit is to drink lot of water(but it’s so hard) but I try.
So i eat
Drink water
I do little exercise,so I won’t loose the small flesh I already have.
Q13. What do you think about nude modeling?
Ans: I’m not a fan of nudity, indecency isn’t something I fancy. I don’t think anyone has to take nude pictures, I don’t really see the need or the aim of it. They say it’s art but It’s wrong and its one of the reasons people are against modeling and they say its prostitution. Because nudity is prevalent, it’s what they see more. I think nude modelling is just wrong. I made a few mistakes earlier in my modelling career though but I know better now and I know it’s absolutely wrong.
Jane Tialobi @ Claridan TV
Jane Tialobi
Q14. Talking about mistakes, can you please throw more light?
Ans: When I initially started modelling, I was so eager to do alot of things and I was being fed with different talks and ideas on how to be a successful model and one of it was taking nude pictures. I disagreed though but after much persuasion and after seeing my fellow models snapping what they called “Handbra technique”, I decided to do it too. Basically that’s the major mistake I’ve made, deciding to snap a semi-nude picture  that they sugar-coated and called Handbra technique.
Q15. Describe your dream man?
Ans: Nothing much to describe. I want a simple man, a man after God’s own heart that’s tall, dark and handsome. Loves music, loves photography, has an amazing fashion eye and dress sense, classy, great set of teeth like mine, intelligent, understands sarcasm.
Jane Etaoghene Tialobi @ Claridan TV
Jane Etaoghene Tialobi
Q16. What’s your favorite food?
Ans: Ripe Plantain
Q17. What’s your unique selling point?
Ans: My smile, my face and my height
Q18. What advise do you have for upcoming models?
Ans: Have a relationship with God, cause he put the passion for modelling there, and after all said and done, it’s all to fulfil his will on the long run. Then know why you want to be a model and get a strong conviction about it, cause people would always discourage. Keep at your goals and aspirations, don’t be swayed here and there. Get into a good agency sooner very soon, you’d get to the top.
Don’t forget to have fun in the process, dress good at all times. Be a model in and out, never be caught unfresh.
Jane Etaoghene Tialobi @ Claridan TV
Jane Etaoghene Tialobi
Q19. Lastly, if you were given #10million today, what would you do with it?

Ans: I’d pay my tithe, go to the mall with my brothers and eat pizza and hollandia. I’d support my brother for his traditional and white wedding coming up, I’d give my mom our rent money, support my dad in our house building project, get some badass boots for myself, for the rest, it’ll be spent as the need arises.

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You can contact Jane via the following handles

Facebook: Jane Tialobi
Instagram: @jane_tialobi

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