Interview: Meet Talented Guitarist Michael Oluwatosin Adedayo A.K.A Allegro

Michael Allegro @ Claridan TV

Michael Oluwatosin Adedayo better known as Allegro is a young and talented guitarist born and brought up in Ajegunle, Lagos State.
He started music at a very tender age as a choirboy and later developed passion for the electric guitar.
In 2013, Allegro bought an acoustic guitar and that was where his journey as a guitarist started.

In an interview with Claridan TV, Allegro shared his dreams and aspirations, and also advised young and upcoming guitarists.

Here is an interview with Michael Oluwatosin Adedayo (Allegro).

Michael Allegro @ Claridan TV
Michael Oluwatosin Adedayo

An Interview with Allegro

Q1. Why did you choose music?

Ans: Music for me is a way of expressing my feelings and I chose the Guitar because of the passion I have for it.

Q2. What are your dreams?

Ans: Having a studio in my apartment so that i will be able to do my guitar solo works and some other music and also start my YouTube music tutoring.

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Michael Allegro @ Claridan TV

Q3. How did you come about your nickname “Allegro”?

Ans: Smiles. Allegro is a great name, I studied music to some extent before i started playing the guitar professionally. Allegro is a musical term i love so much, so thats why i decided to join it with my name “Michael Allegro”
You know, almost everybody use there name together with there instrument like J-string, Kunle-keys (with that you can tell the instrument they play). But when you hear Allegro, you will start wondering whih instrument that guy plays.

Q4. What do you like most about you been a guitarist?

Ans: I love everything. From my gears to the confident and charisma I got from been a guitarist.

Michael Allegro @ Claridan TV
Michael Allegro

Q5. What is your biggest achievement so far as a guitarist?

Ans: I’ve not gotten any award yet though, but I’ve played the guitar at some big events like the Indian Festival, Awoyaya Praise Festival, Make Music Concert, and others.
I’ve also played along side celebrated musicians like Bez, Big Bolaji, Fiokee, Jasperazzi, Jerry Omole, Tosin Alao, Johnny Drille and others.

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Q6. Where do you see yourself in the next 5years?

Ans: I would have settled down by then: get married and have my studio.

Q7. What advise do you have for upcoming guitarists?

Ans: My advice is that they should learn music (guitar) the proper way. They should get a musically inclined teacher.

Michael Allegro @ Claridan TV
Michael Oluwatosin Adedayo

Q8. Lastly, what would you do if you were given #10,000,000 today?

Ans: Firstly I will remove my tithe, then get some new guitar gears and studio equipments and invest in some landed properties.

The End..

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